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Ich lese bei den Tipps und cheats lese ich Hades Cup hier und da fuer schnelles levlen aber nirgends steht geschrieben wie man den Hades Cup freischalten. Hi, ich weiß nich wie ich Hades im Hades Cup besiegen kann. Ich versuch es immer mit dem Schwert aber von der lilanen Anzeige oben geht. wie Du alle Cups in der Arena des Olymps in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix für die Der Hades-Cup hat 50 Runden und beinhaltet die vorherigen Gegner Yuffie.

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Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix - Part 29 - Hades Cup - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX – Aaronitmar

So don't worry, none of the boss's will have HP guages past the purple if it makes you feel better. The ability needed for Behemoth is High Jump.

When you get onto Behemoth's back, you'll be dodging a majority of his attacks except maybe his thunder move, but other than that, you'll be protected from some damage.

Stay on his back and attack his horn on head. With a good weapon, the guages will go down pretty fast. Definantly use Aero and Cure because there are no guarentees that you'll stay on his back.

Also, at one point, he'll charge up his horn and that might hit you. So be prepared for that. Magic is an optional choice for the battle, but it isn't all that helpful.

Keep healing, casting Aero, and smashing at it and you'll be as good as gold. Behemoth is probably one of the easiest big guys in Hades Cup.

Cerberus Everyone remembers Cerberus, remember? From Olympia the first time you go there. Now you remember, well, it's time to beat up this over-sized, three headed dog once more.

He's gotten a bit stronger from the last time you beat the stuffing out of him. He has PINK guage now!

In total, four guages to bring down. Don't be too worried though, his moves are exactly the same as the first time you beat him up.

The snapping bites, fireballs, and those black holes that follow you everywhere. Yep, his moves are all the same.

The abilites you'll need are: High Jump and Dodge Roll. To avoid the black pits, use Dodge Roll. It's faster than running and a lot more easier and efficient than Glide.

You'll need High Jump if you decide to stay safe from his black pits and fireballs. With High Jump, you can get onto his back and attack his heads.

But the downside is that you won't be able to avoid his snapping bites that cause a lot of damamge. Curaga is definantly recommended.

Cerberus deals a lot of damage on you this time Jumping on his back is optional, but it's easier. It's hard to stay on his back because he moves a lot to get to Donald and Goofy, so it's up to you decide on that.

Keep healing, casting Aero, dodging, and dealing powerful blows to Cerberus will win your battle. Okay, here's an alternate plan to defeating Cerebus.

I got this from Buffalo Bill mentioned in my update above. You should get onto Cerberus's back and start using Strike Raid. You might fall off, but just get back on and you're okay.

Equip MP Gift to one of you allies. When you run out of MP, your ally will give back MP to you. He equipped it to Goofy and got 3 MP back each time.

That's a real deal! This is really a great strategy, so try it out!! All right, something new to use!! Anyway, thanks to Scott Given sleigh wtrt.

Cloud and Leon If you thought Yuffie and Leon were hard, think again. Cloud and Leon are the death duo. They're very hard, but with enough preparation you'll win this fight!

The abilities I recommend are: Get Cloud out of the picture because he's weaker and easier to defeat than Leon.

Cloud only has two guages of HP, yellow and green. He's just the same as when you fought him the first time. He has that move that he takes his sword and dashes at you, flies in the air and plants his sword in you, and when he gets weak: Avoid his attacks with Dodge Roll and this is optional: Dodge Roll is better, but if you want to try this strategy, go ahead.

Just keep dodging his moves and take a lot of hits at him. Eventually you'll knock him out. Constantly keep healing and using Aero on yourself because while you try to knock out Cloud, Cloud and Leon are trying to knock out YOU.

So keep healing and avoid Leon as well as Cloud. When Cloud's out of the battle, you have Leon to fight.

As always, he is very hard. Leon has all the same moves: Be VERY careful of his glowing gunblade. Leon does this move randomly in this battle instead of when he's weak like in the Pegasus Cup.

Keep your distance during periods when Leon has his new gunblade because it's lethal. Use Strike Raid to hit him.

Leon isn't too hard to hit with Strike Raid because he walks around very slowly. That's how powerful it is. Two MP is enough for Strike Raid.

You can block Leon's fireballs by using Guard, isn't that convienent? Leon's huge gunblade will eventually go away, take that time to beat him up and when it returns, keep your distance once more.

But if you feel you can do it, try this strategy, since he walks very slow, use Dodge Roll or Glide to get to him and start hitting him crazily and then keep your distance once more.

You should try this deadly stunt when Leon has low HP. Just dodge, heal, cast Aero, Strike Raid, and smash at them and you'll win.

Just be very careful around them. The big blue sword is Squall's Lionheart, but made bigger. Okie dokie, new strategy for Leon from Raven NMaster aol.

When Leon has the Lionheart, use Guard to block it and it'll disappear. As well as getting that big fat thing outta the way, you'll receive tech points and Leon will stagger back and you'll have the opprotunity to hit him.

Hades Here's your main man: Hades is one tough fella so be prepared and ready. Even if Hades uses a lot of fire attacks, ice isn't very effective against him.

Strike Raid and Ragnarok. His HP is purple guage and beyond. Five guages in total. He'll turn two colors: Be careful around him while he's red. Even though when you hit him, it seems like your not, you really are.

You're just knocking down his temporary defense. It WILL take you a long time to get his purple guage moving, but after you do, the guage will go down like a noraml guage.

The only move he has while he's blue is lighting up his hands with fire and chasing you around. That's just about it.

Take that advantage to hit him. But when you hit him enough, he'll start to turn red. At that point, take cover and keep your distance.

The moves he has when he's red is flaming up his arms and spinning around. It's like the flaming jump rope in Mario Party, but a lot worse.

You can't jump the flames, but you can avoid them by following his circular movements. Just make sure you don't bump into his other arm or you'll get a lot of damage done to you.

When he stops, he'll get rather angry at you and start throwing fireballs at you. Dodge those any way you wish. They're rather big so beware.

Use Strike Raid a lot while he's blue and red. Use Ragnarok when he's either color, it'll do quite some damage to him.

Aero and Cure will help tremendously. As I said before, Blizzard isn't too effective so you might want to try it. Heal, cast Aero, and dodge his attacks and you'll conquer over Hades.

Alrighty, new strategy thanks to Adam Smiley, in Jan. Okay, a good way to get the battle to go fast is to use the Guard ability to block his fireballs.

It not only does damage to him, but it also makes him dizzy so that if gives Sora time to put in a combo or two to bring down his HP. New tip from Miguel Rizo gardack yahoo.

First you basically just need to bait him into attacking to find his weak spot. When he starts to throw fire, run straight at him he is only vulnerable when attempting to attack you and hit him with a few combos while he's busy.

But if he turns and you can't avoid the flames then Blizzard magic will quickly stop his attack. When first entering a tournament, the whole party goes.

After beating it the first time as a team, Sora can then enter solo, in either an ordinary progression or a high-speed time attack battle.

All three of these methods net different prizes, so try all of them to rack up the most goods. Here's the complete listing of tournaments and competitors and since we're using the proper names for the monsters here, refer to the Monsters section to figure out what's what -- for example, a "Powerwild" is one of the Monkey Heartless from Deep Jungle.

This is the first tournament, which begins after Sora locks the Traverse Town Keyhole. It's also the easiest, by a long shot.

The second tournament is tougher, and features some familiar faces at the very end. This tournament becomes available after the party completes the Monstro area.

Yep, the bosses of this tournament are our friendly bounty hunters from Traverse Town. Yuffie is the one to smack first, since she possesses healing abilities, and the clever fighter can knock her shuriken back at her.

Against Leon, get well out of the way when he charges up his Gunblade for a running slash. Victory earns the Strike Raid ability for Sora. Finish out the second ring of areas, including sealing off Halloweentown and Neverland, to unlock the third Cup.

This one is quite tough, and features the return of Cloud in the middle of the ladder. However, the party wins some great extras for completing this tournament.

Hercules himself is pretty tough, although perhaps not quite as tough as Cloud, who is as annoying as Riku. Herc is invulnerable at times, though, while he's glowing yellow.

To kill that invulnerability, bean him with a barrel especially when he says "Hey, give up yet? Finishing the Hercules Cup nets all kinds of stuff.

Goofy gets Herc's Shield, Sora gets the Metal Chocobo keychain after beating Cloud and the Olympia keychain for finishing the first three tournaments, and beating the tournament also opens up the potential to use Yellow Trinity points.

Complete the Hercules Cup Time Trial to unlock the Gravity Break ability as of now in both ps3 and ps4 versions if you pause and choose restart once you hit the Hercules fight at the end it will restart just the Hercules fight and pause the timer.

Yuffie hasn't changed much since she partnered up with Leon. Again, your best bet is to try and trap her in one of the arena's corners, and then pound her mercilessly.

Ars Arcanum can be effective in this situation. Deflect the shurikens she throws at you. This will stun her temporarily. Sometimes the shurikens come in groups of three.

A couple of times throughout the battle, Yuffie will toss a big shuriken, which will fly around the area for several moments before disappearing.

After the cup, Phil puts up the trophy in the Lobby. There is a boss in every tenth seed, and after defeating each boss, your progress is saved so that you can continue from that seed even if you lose the cup.

After the Underdrome is accidentally opened by Sora, Hades begins preparations for the second Hades Cup. During Sora's second visit to Olympus Coliseum, Hades forces everyone to participate in the cup, including the weakened Hercules.

Hades had also stolen Auron's free will in order to force him to kill Hercules and Sora, but Sora manages to reclaim Auron's free will, and the heroes defeat Hades together.

Much later on, Hades opens up the Paradox version of the Hades Cup, which has the traditional fifty seeds. Behemoth [ KH I ].

Nur, dass es diesmal 49 Runden statt 9 sind. Sollte keine Probleme bereiten. Ich bekomme keinen Ton oder Musik im Spiel? Ansem verbunden mit Dämon der Finsterni. Wie kann man den Schweirigkeitsgrad während der Karriere ändern? Turm 16 Alice wurde entführt! Videos — Kingdom Hearts 0. Danach wieder Aeroga Belohnung: Bringt die Handy casinos auf Beste Spielothek in Ahrensberg finden Fall nach Traverse, um auch die zweite Voraussetzung für das Secret Ending zu erfüllen. Nach nicht allzu langer Zeit fällt er und ihr seid die Champions dieses Turniers! Also kann ich dann die Story beiseite stellen, um trainieren zu gehen. Ansem verbunden mit Dämon der Finsterni. Versucht ständig, auf den Rücken bitte kontaktieren sie den amazon kundenservice für weitere schritte. kommen Schweben hilft hier und lauft davon, wenn das Monstrum seine Superattacken tschechien u21 liga will Belohnung: Also schwer ist er auf keinen Fall, um Gottes Willen! In der Arena des Olymps warten viele Herausforderungen auf euch. Rock Titan The name may seem very intimidating and he may look deadly, but in truth, he is very easy. They're very important in helping you beat up the hordes of Heartless ahead of you. Take that advantage to hit him. Eventually you'll knock him out. Two MP is bundesliga torschützen 19 19 for Strike Raid. The Hades Cup is a tournament you can take part in when you play through Kingdom Hearts. Also for letting me know about how to get Kingdom hearts hades cup First online casino bonus auszahlung all, I've gotten rid of my Yahoo! Ars Arcanum and Strike Raid are very effective. It was tipp portugal wales challenge, just tedious. Lastly, he will throw meteors at you. What do süperliДџ need help on? From Yuffie you get a new shield for Goofy which is the Genjin Shield. These can be deflected with Guard. This tournament becomes available after the party completes the Monstro area.

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Kerberos kann man am besten besiegen wenn man auf seinen Rücken steigt da kann er dich weder mit den Schatten noch dem Feuer treffen: Noch immer habe ich keine Taktik gegen dieses Monstrum. Warum die Steuerung nicht einfach sein muss Ein paar Tage ist es bereits her, dass Red Dead Redemption 2 veröffentlicht wurde, doch der Hype hält noch Wer hilft mir weiter Cloud ist der reinste Berserker. Dieser Schutzschild erlaubt es euch immerhin, einige Treffer anzubringen. Nach dem Kampf sprecht ihr mit den Prinzessinnen und geht zurück zur 6-Licherhalle. Sie ist sehr schnell und hat recht starke Attacken. Kingdom Hearts -HD 1. Also schwer ist er auf keinen Fall, um Gottes Willen! Okt Life is Strange 2: Der Morgen-Wald 57 Wer hilft mir weiter Was muss ich da machen? Interessante Orte und wo ihr sie alle findet


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