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Vergewissern Sie sich auch, ob Ihr Router für die gebuchte Bandbreite ausgelegt ist. Nicht überall ist das Festnetz tatsächlich die beste Lösung für schnelles Internet. Und das ohne zusätzliche Software. Dazu nutzt der Service Speedmeter. Highspeed surfen ohne Grenzen!

While this is of course not a scientific test, it can be expected that the Yoga 3 14 will handle wireless connections even in larger homes with ease.

Aside from the modular power adapter and a USB charging cable, the box the Yoga ships in is empty. While the power adapter is very light at under g, the 6-foot cable might be too short for some usage case scenarios.

A total of 11 Torx screws need to be removed before the entire bottom panel can be taken off. The single RAM module is not soldered onto the motherboard, so replacing or upgrading in the future shouldn't be much of a problem.

The hard drive is a regular 2. Lenovo covers the Yoga 3 14 for 12 months against manufacturer's defects. This service covers the connection of the convertible to a home network and the setup of a printer and an email account, among other things.

The keyboard is the typical chiclet design called AccuType Lenovo uses for consumer-grade notebooks and appears to be a direct carry-over from the Yoga 2 As such, key travel is on the shallow side and the feedback is borderline spongy, which is negatively amplified by the high degree of flex especially in the middle of the deck.

The layout also might take some getting used to with its inverted function-row design and the various keys which are not full size Tab key on the left; Backspace and Enter on the right side, for example.

Despite the fact though that the keyboard doesn't compare to what is offered on ThinkPad models, we still founded it easy to type at a very good clip with a low error rate.

We appreciate that Lenovo included a backlight, as this is not always a given in this price range: An auto-turnoff feature is not implemented, so the backlight stays on even when the display is turned off.

The Elan Smart-Pad measures mm across and works very well. We found the size to be sufficient for the given screen real estate.

Fingers glide easily across the slightly rough surface and we had no issues with multitouch gestures; Windows 8 gestures also worked without a hitch.

As a clickpad, the entire surface of the pad is clickable, but we found it much easier to only use the lower half of the pad as the response is much better.

The feedback of the clicks is quite good and audible as well without being overly loud. The finger touchscreen is responsive as well and we neither had any issues with input accuracy, nor did we ever notice any appreciable lag during operation.

Using the touchscreen is particularly intuitive and easy in Tent mode, as the display edge rests on the desk surface and there is no display bounce whatsoever.

Other display panel types ore different resolutions are not offered. The resolution is is identical to the one of the predecessor and although the pixel density is now slightly lower vs.

With an average of nits, the screen unfortunately isn't very bright and in fact just marginally brighter than the budget-oriented Flex 2 14 nits.

At least the brightness doesn't drop further when the convertible is running on battery power. The black value of 0.

Still, neither the Transformer Book Flip nor the previous-generation Yoga 2 13 do much better than the review convertible.

Blacks are still reasonably dark and typical uses like watching movies aren't impacted at all. We did find the noticeable display bleed around the edges a bit distracting when watching wide-screen movies with the black bars on the top and the bottom.

While the grayscale DeltaE average of 3. Still, the color accuracy is certainly adequate for every day use and most users will be happy with vivid colors the panel produces.

As always, we also take a look at the coverage of the professional color spaces. Overall, the display appears to be a step backwards when compared to the predecessor Yoga 2 13 and its performance is now closer to the inexpensive Flex 2 Of course most users won't notice the lack of color space coverage, but semi-professional photographers clearly need to look elsewhere.

Outdoor usability is very restricted since the display doesn't get nearly bright enough to overcome the reflections produced by the glare-type panel.

Direct sunlight has to be avoided at all costs and even overcast skies drown out the picture more or less completely. Only in the shade and with the display angled in a way to minimize reflections is it possible to identify the screen content.

Using the Yoga 3 14 as a tablet to read a book is thus only really only possible indoors and with no strong light sources present.

As it is typical for IPS display, the viewing angle stability is outstanding and even very shallow angles are possible, although the brightness does decrease a bit.

The protective glass on top of the screen seems to be close enough to the panel to not cause any issues with internal reflections, so text remains readable at all times.

At the time of writing, Lenovo offers two processor choices courtesy of Intel's 5th-generation lineup. Our review convertible is equipped with an Intel Core iU processor running at a nominal clock speed of 2.

Hyper-Threading is of course enabled and the Turbo can overclock a single core to 2. To get an idea of the system performance, we use the synthetic PCMark benchmark tests.

Perceived performance is simply outstanding: Even during heavy multi-tasking sessions, we didn't experience any significant slowdowns.

A check with various benchmarks showed that the performance does not change no matter if the convertible is running on battery or plugged in, so full power is available at all times.

As we mentioned earlier, the SSD is a 2. The 4K read and write speeds are also top notch. Compared to the Lenovo Yoga 2 13 with its conventional platter based drive, the SSD in the Yoga 3 14 offers roughly 5x faster read and 2.

Although the new graphics card is able to outperform the previous-generation Haswell GPUs HD Graphics and HD Graphics , the gaming performance is nothing to get overly excited about.

A check with a synthetic benchmark test confirms that the HD is capable of better performance than the previous generation of integrated GPUs: This still doesn't mean that the Yoga 3 14 is a gaming machine - far from it: Newer and resource-intensive games require the lowest resolution and the lowest settings to be playable at all.

Of course, the performance of the GPU should theoretically be higher with dual-channel memory, but a quick comparison to the Aspire R13 R7 , which is equipped with the same CPU and GPU, but 8 GB of dual-channel memory, only shows a marginal performance improvement.

Still, even a few fps more can make all the difference, so the Transformer Flip clearly has the edge. During idle, the fan of the Yoga 3 14 seems to be running most of the time, although at around 32 dB it is not loud enough at to be audible above the noise floor of an average room.

During the stress test, the noise level climbed to just above 37 dB, which is not quite as loud as the predecessor at almost 40 dB or the Transformer Flip at about 43 dB.

Unfortunately, the sound emitted has a fairly high frequency, so the noise during the stress test got a little annoying after a while.

Since Lenovo employs fairly aggressive temperature management see the section on the stress test below , the temperatures are well controlled.

During idle the temperature just reaches about 26 degrees C, which is just 7 degrees C above ambient. During load, the convertible reaches 44 degrees C in the middle on the bottom.

Since the temperature on the left and right edges reaches only about 27 degrees C, placing the convertible on the lap in notebook mode is possible without any issues.

The predecessor reached 48 degrees on the left bottom edge, which makes lap use highly uncomfortable. To identify potential throttling issues and to check if a review notebook exhibits any unusual behavior during high load levels, we subjected the Lenovo Yoga 3 14 to our stress test.

At first, we start Prime95 on its own to stress the CPU. At the beginning, both cores ran at a speed of 2.

Within ten seconds, the temperature had jumped from 32 degrees C to 60 degrees C with both cores remaining a stable 2. About 8 minutes into the test, the temperature had increased to 63 - 64 degrees C, which brought an increase in fan speed with it.

The cores still remained at 2. After a total of 15 minutes, the CPU reached 67 degrees C, which resulted a further increase in fan speed, an extremely short dip of the cores down to MHz, a drop in temperature to about 52 degrees C and subsequently an almost instantaneous recovery of the CPU core speed back up to 2.

This cycle repeated every 30 seconds or so. Although technically throttling, the decreases to MHz only took split seconds, so it is very doubtful that the performance would've taken a measurable hit.

Within a few minutes, the GPU clock started dropping to MHz occasionally at a temperature of about 65 degrees. Even after several hours, this values hadn't changed at all.

In summary, it appears that Lenovo has taken a rather conservative approach as far as making sure that overheating is not an issue.

At no point of our various tests did we see an increase of the temperatures to above 71 degrees C. Although the CPU is indeed subjected to throttling, we need to note that a prolonged load scenario like the one we've simulated is rather unlikely to occur during normal use.

The stereo speakers are located on the bottom on the left and right edge in the front half with the convertible is in Laptop mode. While the sound is clear and the maximum volume quite loud without any distortion, mids and of course bass are lacking a bit.

Because the speakers fire downwards, placing the convertible on a hard surface does improve the sound quality. Still, the quality of the speakers is in line with our expectations: The Lenovo Yoga 3 14 is equipped with a 45 Wh battery - down from the predecessor's, which shipped with a 54 Wh battery.

Despite the downsizing, the battery life has improved significantly: For the WLAN test, we activate the balanced profile, reduce the screen brightness to about nits and simulate browsing conditions with an automated script.

Idle runtime, which we establish with the BatteryEater Reader's Test minimum screen brightness, power-saver profile is up as well at nearly 20 hours.

Even the full-load scenario with the Classic Test shows very good performance as well at 2 hours and 15 minutes. The Lenovo 2 13 needed to be plugged in again after about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The Flex 2 14, which has a smaller Updated hardware, larger screen, better battery life - what's not to like?

The Yoga 3 14 improves upon the predecessor Yoga 2 13 in quite a few areas. Despite the larger inch screen and the smaller battery, the new model is capable of better performance and significantly longer battery life.

The convertible remains reasonably quiet under normal circumstances and handles high-load scenarios without ever breaking a sweat.

The input devices work quite well for a consumer device and the keyboard features a backlight as well, which is a very nice-to-have feature. The various modes work well, although we'd recommend avoiding the Stand mode, since the keyboard is unprotected and touches the surface it is sitting on.

Unfortunately, the new screen is not as bright as the predecessors, which wasn't really that bright to begin with, and only covers about half of the sRGB color space.

Outdoor use in bright conditions is severely limited, so users who need to venture outside a lot need to look elsewhere.

The Asus Transformer Book Flip also has a brighter screen and offers a dedicated entry-level graphics card, so its gaming performance is a bit better.

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